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Welcome to the tranquility experience!Veteran owned and operated, Tranquility Cigars has served the community as a home-away-from-home lounge, since it's inception in 2020. Here, you can absorb and cultivate your love for the finest cigars from around the globe. As a retail cigar, tobacco and accessories lounge, located in the Northwoods shopping center, you are welcomed to explore our establishment 7 days a week.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist tobacco lovers near and far. Whether a novice or connoisseur, tranquility offers an experience that satisfies every customer. Tranquility offers an expansive humidor that showcases over 250 premium cigars from an elite gentry of agents.  Our focus on providing excellent and impeccable service gives us an unparalleled advantage in fostering an enjoyable space to smoke, unwind, recharge, and network

For more information on special offers, and or rental of the lounge for your special events, please contact us. 

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.  We can't wait to Lounge, Laugh and Live along with you. 

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Our Origins


Tranquility Cigars envisions an environment set to a higher standard that is open and available for tobacco enthusiasts and aficionados to be who you are, in the moment, and free from judgment.
Common vibe with us, from North Carolina, to all ends of the rest of the world. We create and brand the Lounge, Laugh, Live experience that is synonymous with excellence for all cigar lovers across the globe.


Our mission is to offer a vast variety of culture under a single roof, while creating a one-stop-shop for Brothers and Sisters of the leaf, whom are in need of a place for relaxation. Enjoying your tobacco products is solely our goal in making our clients feel special.

About Us: About Us
About Us: About Us
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